Our convincing sales pitch + The 5 Best Reasons to use a Real Tour®...

No matter what the market is doing, getting attention for your client’s property is always a challenge. When you need to reach potential buyers in or out of the immediate area, how do you make your listings pop? Are you offering something new and unique to secure new listings, get clients to renew existing contracts, or simply refresh properties that are stale and being overlooked- How do you breathe new life into a listing that hasn’t drawn the attention you know it deserves? The answer...a Real Tour Motion Cam!

1. A Real Tour gives the feeling that you are actually showing the house, it really gives the experience of walking through the home.

2. Viewers all agree that once seen they really understand the floor plan.

3. While virtual tours have their place, a virtual tour doesn't accomplish that. A virtual tour just shows you rooms.

4. Used properly a Real Tour will help you get more listings. Simply show potential clients a sample of a Real Tour, then tell them when they list with you they will receive a Real Tour.

5. For those who already have listings about to expire, a Real Tour can be used to extend the listing. Simply tell your sellers..."I was recently introduced to this new technology called a Real Tour. Let me show you a sample. I will do this on your home if you extend the listing for another year!"

Additionally, you can choose to be on-camera and lead the entire tour, create a simple on-camera introduction and closing or let's talk about creative ideas and we can produce something just for you.

Finally, telling an existing or potential client that you offer the most current and creative marketing tools is a powerful advantage- Call us, we’d be delighted to answer any questions.

Real Tour®...Our Motion Cam Technology Keeps your listings Moving!

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